Inventory in a pharmacy

What can inventory in drugstores help to identify?

– shortages and surpluses;
– items with the expiring shelf life;
– misgrading and mismatch of cash calculations.

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Taking drugstore inventory with EqMan

  • A specialized service helps to save time: with the software, inventory is three times faster than without it.
  • Our application helps to put things in order: you know where everything is located, which in turn, ensures speeding up the delivery of goods and improving the service.
  • Do not occupy employees’ time with reconciliation and counting tasks – let them perform their direct duties.
  • Gain an understanding of the quantity of drugs and consumables,plan the procurement in advance and in the volumes required.

Drugstore inventory procedure

  • Implement the EqMan application in a network or a separate branch.
  • Mark incoming medicines, enter detailed information into the software.
  • When the reconciliation date comes, issue an appropriate order.
  • Scan product tags and get information without unnecessary movements.
  • Draw up certificates and reports, write off expired medicines.
  • Generate statistics, make management decisions based on the reconciliation results.

Advantages of the EqMan drugstore inventory software

  • Our specialized application simplifies the tracking of goods and helps to speed up the work of a department.
  • With our software, you will reduce the number of errors in records, which are inevitable if reporting is done manually.
  • Automation will help prevent theft and fraud, as well as unintentional erroneous write-offs and product losses.
  • Using the application, you receive ready-made forms for reporting that can be changed to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities.

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Reception / Issuance

A simplified process of issuing and accepting: choose an inventory item and a person to whom you want to issue it.

Full history of the operation

All detailed information about the interaction of employees with the inventory items will be displayed on a single screen

Creation of QR codes

Generate QR codes, print them out and glue them to the tools

Complete inventory control

Arrange storage locations for inventory items and optimize the search for the required ones.


Kit out the tools/equipment with spare parts and consumables, and perform operations only with the main tool

Access for all employees

Add all your employees from storekeepers and workers to the directors of your company

Mobile app

Use all the features of EqMan, including instant notifications of the movements of any inventory items

Move between objects

Track the movement of inventory items between all your sites and locations

Equipment price accounting

Monitor the kitting of your sites and warehouses not only in terms of range but also in monetary terms

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“Optimal” package

  • Cloud inventory
  • Adding custom fields to the tool card
  • Import and export of the tool via a file
  • Adding a photo to the tool
  • 400 tools
  • 40 users

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Что клиенты говорят о нас

Реальные отзывы наших клиентов!


We started using EqMan a few months ago and immediately felt the effect – the entire tool is marked, all employees use the mobile application, I know exactly who has the tool and at what facility, and handing over the tool after the facility is quick and without any questions.

We plan to cover also consumables, and leftovers for building materials using EqMan

We will also mark everything that is located in administrative buildings in order to keep records and inventory of fixed assets, furniture and office equipment.

EqMan really suited our needs very well, it became much easier for me personally to work. Keep it up!

Sergey Kovriga

For a long time, they tried to set up accounts for the movement of goods and materials. Worked in spreadsheets and journals. Everything was fine until the first inventory… Having learned about the EqMan project, we saw in it everything that we had been striving for for so long. Why become users? I will answer like this:  
  1. This product eliminates the possibility of the human factor losing something when moving. No need to look for the last in case of loss
  2. All data is always at hand
  3. Easy and fast inventory
  4. Marking is a separate praise. I recommend to everyone! Personally in our company, EqMan delights Thanks to the developers for making our work easier and more efficient!

Olga Didova

Met EqMan in May 2020. This is a great solution for both small and large companies. Very convenient functionality, you can quickly and easily take inventory, just open the application on your phone and scan the QR code. It is also very convenient to track the movement of equipment in the company and outside it.

Плюсы: – всегда знаешь где находится то или иное ТМЦ – быстрая и удобная инвентаризация – удобное приложение – лёгкость в работе

Sergey Petrenko

A very handy program for keeping records of material. Also, the approach of the staff to improve the program to our requirements.

Ludmila, Design and Test Lab

My name is Ludmila and I am an assistant manager at Design And Test Lab. At some point in the quarantine, the issue of equipment inventory became acute, because most of the employees switched to a remote work format. It has become very difficult to control which gadget is located in which part of the city at the moment. Kirill, CEO at EqMan, came to the rescue with his Eqman application and everything immediately fell into place! Now you can easily see who uses what, which gadget has just been sent for service, which one has been decommissioned, and which one needs repair or replacement (thanks to the comments in the profile of each inventory item). You have created an amazing product to help companies with a large number of inventories on their balance sheets.

Chorniy Taras

The integration of EqMan in the company has given us the opportunity to significantly reduce the time to work with the management of the company’s wealth. The guys from EqMan are very pleasantly surprised by regular improvements and attention to our needs. I consider this cooperation a very successful decision for our company!

How to take physical inventory in a drugstore

Inventory of items in a drugstore has features that are not inherent in other types of activities. Drugs are monitored not only by standard parameters such as the supplier, the date of acceptance and volumes but also by the form, dosage, packaging and name.

Separately, the importance of accounting by expiration dates should be noticed. The sale and storage of medicines after the expiration dates is prohibited. In this regard, the responsibility is much higher than in ordinary stores, since expired medicines can cause irreparable harm to human health.

To track the expiration dates, we recommend using the EqMan application – the software conveniently displays all the dates which are easy to track. If expired drugs are found during the internal audit, they are written off, withdrawn or destroyed. Some medicines are sent to the manufacturer for processing. A certificate shall be drawn up regarding the actions taken, otherwise, the company will be liable, including criminally.

Why the drugstore inventory and stocktaking are required

Competent organization of accounting in a drugstore means not only the achievement of good financial performance and profit growth. It is also a sustainable business. After all, well-established operations, fast service and the absence of errors are helping the population in the fight against ailments. And compliance with the rules and regulations guarantees safety and legality because violations in this area are much more seriously punishable by law than in common trade. Therefore, automation is not a whim, but a necessity.

When to take drugstore inventory

The inventory of a drugstore’s fixed assets is carried out with different frequency:

  • A full reconciliation of all drugs, equipment and consumables is usually carried out every two or three years, including reconciliation not only of inventory items but also of the condition of premises owned and leased, as well as an inspection of safes, furniture, shelves.
  • The annual internal audit is carried out once a year, is scheduled and ends before the submission of annual reports. Includes an inventory of products and cash.
  • Intermediate reconciliation. It is appointed by the management and can be scheduled or unscheduled. It helps to get real information instead of nominal and may be ordered by regulatory authorities.

How to issue drugstore inventory results

There are different types of drugstore inventory determining the form of documentation of the results. If reconciliation is carried out at the request of higher authorities, then reporting shall be prepared in accordance with their requirements.

Certain categories are documented differently. For example, narcotic and psychotropic substances are a separate item and require the presence of a special commission. They are subject to reconciliation once a month. This also applies to superpotent and poisonous substances. All drugs that require a special type of accounting are indicated in the lists of the Ministry of Health.

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