Program for accounting and issuing tools

Accounting in construction with EqMan - can be simple, understandable and transparent

Is a tool stolen, lost or broken?

You are constantly tormented by the question, where are your material values and who is responsible for them?

Let your crews and builders work, not search for tools

Let us cut your costs
for tools and consumables

Keeping a record of the tool at the construction site can be easy!

  • We track all tool movements, save a detailed history of operations with each tool in the application
  • You can view all information regarding location, user and quantity of tools.
  • Forget about theft, you will immediately see after whom the tools are sent for repair, for write-off or not returned
  • You will know exactly the actual balance of tools, equipment, consumables and construction materials both in the warehouse and at each of your facilities

Transparent accounting of tools and equipment: effective communication of workers

  • All up-to-date information about the kitting of tools and consumables for your construction sites is in the palm of your hand with the EqMan mobile application
  • You can instantly find any tool. Just scan its code and you'll get all the information about the tool from the moment of its purchase
  • Just scan its code and you'll get all the information about the tool from the moment of its purchase
  • EqMan is an online tool accounting application suitable for all your employees

Marking as a way for accounting of building materials in construction

  • Marking the tools will speed up the processes of issuance/acceptance, inventory and write-off
  • We will advise you free of charge and help you choose the appropriate marking products. We know everything about them and even more
  • Use the function of dual confirmation of acceptance/issuance and forget about the shortages during the inventory
  • You are not required to think about with what and how to mark your tools anymore. We provide 11 marking products that are suitable for all types of material assets. Stickers with protective coating, seals, metal plates, various NFC tags. All of them can be ordered in the "Marking store" after registration

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EqMan functions to help you
in daily accounting in construction

Acceptance/Issuance of tools

A simplified process of issuing and accepting: choose a tool and a person to whom you want to issue it.

Full operation history

All detailed information about the interaction of employees with the tool will be displayed on a single screen

Creating QR codes

Generate QR codes, print them out and glue them to the tools

Instant search

Just scan the QR code of a tool and get full information in an instant


Kit out the tools with consumables and perform operations only with the main tool

Access for all employees

Add all your employees from storekeepers and workers to the directors of your company

Mobile application

Use all the features of EqMan, including instant notifications of the movements of any tool

Movement between sites

Track the movement of tools between all your sites and locations

Equipment price accounting

Monitor the kitting of your sites and warehouses not only in terms of range but also in monetary terms

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Optimal tarif

  • Cloud inventory
  • Adding custom fields to the tool card
  • Download and upload of the tools via Excel file
  • Attach photo of the tool
  • 250 tools
  • 50 users
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Building Reviews companies
who have already implemented tool and equipment accounting with EqMan

Sergey Petrenko

A very handy program for keeping records of material. Also, the approach of the staff to improve the program to our requirements.

Sergey Kovriga

For a long time, they tried to set up accounts for the movement of goods and materials. Worked in spreadsheets and journals. Everything was fine until the first inventory…
Having learned about the EqMan project, we saw in it everything that we had been striving for for so long. Why become users? I will answer like this:

  1. This product eliminates the possibility of the human factor losing something when moving. No need to look for the last in case of loss
  2. All data is always at hand
  3. Easy and fast inventory
  4. Marking is a separate praise.
    I recommend to everyone! Personally in our company, EqMan delights Thanks to the developers for making our work easier and more efficient!

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Material accounting in construction organization

Accounting in construction is necessary primarily for tracking tools and equipment, consumables and other inventory items. Accounting of construction materials at the site is a priority component of costing and eventually pricing. In this matter, insufficient accuracy may cost too much. The key problem are the large number of items and the price variability. This applies not only to raw materials, but also equipment and consumables. They are sorted by type and quantity, by location and the persons materially liable for them. What should I do so that the calculations are correct and I don't have to spend too much time on them? The answer is simple: use special construction accounting software.

How to keep records of building materials at the site

Automation has greatly simplified the task. Thanks to software, you need less time to calculate, and a huge staff is no longer required to do so. The only thing required is to enter data on time. Now everything just got easier with the advent of the smartphone application, which allows you to easily find out the status and quantity of inventory items. Install EqMan for free and see how convenient it is.

Using the application in accounting at a construction site

The automated accounting application for tools and other inventory items greatly facilitates the work of several departments at once. What are the benefits of using this customized application? Here are some of them:

  • the EqMan application works on any smartphone, and implementation at the enterprise will take one day;
  • You will know exactly how many inventory items of all types you own;
  • the transfer and storage location of each tool is recorded in the application, so you will know where it is and who is responsible for it; the tool issue accounting application also allows you to rationally allocate equipment across different sectors reducing its downtime, which means increasing the efficiency and speed of construction;
  • the quantity of raw materials and equipment in stock and in operation is also recorded, as well as their condition;
  • it is easy to order consumables in a timely manner and calculate the budget for purchase and repair;
  • there is no need for frequent inventory: all data is already entered into the system, only occasionally does it make sense to check compliance. The speed and accuracy of inventory increases by 3 times;
  • records are kept of the issuance of tools to employees, personal responsibility for equipment increases, as well as cases of theft decrease;
  • when calculating construction costs, it is possible to accurately calculate both the raw materials spent and the depreciation of equipment.

Accounting for losses in construction

When calculating the consumption rate of raw materials and consumables, losses are also taken into account, which may be technological expenses or irretrievable losses due to the defects, negligence of workers or delivery services, and other unforeseen circumstances. It is important initially to budget for a percentage of losses, as well as to carry out actual calculation and classification to receive compensation from those responsible for losses, if any. And you already know how to do it accurately and quickly: by using our customized application that instantly specifies the type, scale and nature of losses for each type of inventory items.

Material write-off monitoring during construction

Writing-off also becomes much easier if using the application. Thanks to special marking products, all data regarding the inventory items are entered into the system only once. You will be able to edit these data easily in just a couple of clicks later. When using EqMan, a wide range of users have access, and any movement or change is recorded immediately. The manager supervises the accounting of materials at the contractor and sees the movement of all inventory items, which helps to eliminate thefts. It is not just convenient, but also profitable – no more losses and transparency of accounting.

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